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Welcome to the "_______________________" group inventory. My name is ______ and I'm an alcoholic. Let's go around the room and introduce ourselves.

We will start by reading a passage from page 63 and 64 from the Big Book...

"Next we launched out on a course of vigorous action, the first step of which is a personal housecleaning, which many of us had never attempted. Though our decision was a vital and crucial step, it could have little permanent effect unless at once followed by a strenuous effort to face, and to be rid of, the things in ourselves which had been blocking us. Our liquor was but a symptom. So we had to get down to causes and conditions. Therefore, we started upon a personal inventory."

Would you please join me in the Third Step prayer followed by 5 minutes of silence for meditation. God, I offer myself to thee...

Would anyone who came in late please identify themselves...

Now is a good time to make any other announcements specific to your group...

I will now read a paragraph on "Group Inventory" from the pamphlet "The AA Group"

Many groups periodically hold a "group inventory meeting" to evaluate how well they are fulfilling their primary purpose: to help alcoholics recover through A.A.'s suggested Twelve Steps of recovery. Some groups take inventory by examining our Twelve Traditions, one at a time, to determine how well they are living up to these principles.
Groups interested in taking regular inventory will find a review of the Tenth Step helpful. The following questions, compiled from A.A. shared experience, may be useful in arriving at an informed group conscience.. Groups will probably wish to add questions of their own."

Past inventories have shown us not to use this time to make motions and vote on new issues, when we did, this process took weeks rather than a few hours. This process is useful for arriving at an informed group conscience. We will individually as well as assign someone from the group to take notes of what comes up and bring those issues of importance to our regular business meetings. So no motions for changes of our meeting will be presented during this inventory process. The point will be continually stressed that this is not about business, it's about discussion. Questions will be allowed to anyone, from anyone through-out the inventory.

"The following questions, compiled from A.A. shared experience, may be useful in arriving at an informed group conscience. Groups will probably wish to add questions of their own:"

I will read each question out load for the groups consideration. Notes will be taken of suggestions given by the group for considerations to bring up in the business meeting (group conscious).


1. What is the basic purpose of the group?

2. What more can the group do to carry the message?

3. Is the group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds? Are we seeing a good cross-section of our community?

4. Do new members stick with us, or does the turnover seem excessive? If so, why? What can we as a group do?

5. Do we emphasize the importance of sponsorship? How effectively? How can we do better?

6. Are we careful to preserve the anonymity of our group members and other A.A.s outside the meeting rooms? Do we also leave the confidences they share at meetings behind?

7. Do we take the time to explain to all members the value to the group of keeping up with the kitchen/housekeeping chores and other essential services that are part-and-parcel of our Twelfth Step efforts?

8. Are all members given the opportunity to speak at meetings and to participate in other group activities?

9. Mindful that holding office is a great responsibility not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest, are we choosing our officers with care?

10. Are we doing all we can to provide an attractive meeting place?

11. Does the group do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of A.A. — as it relates to our Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service?

12. What has the group done lately to bring the A.A. message to the attention of professionals in the community—the physicians, clergy, court officials, educators, and others who are often the first to see alcoholics in need of help?

13. How is the group fulfilling its responsibility to the Seventh Tradition?

Does anyone have any questions of your own to add for consideration?

Is Our Group Aligned With The Twelve Traditions?

From the pamphlet "The AA Group."
"Some groups take inventory by examining our Twelve Traditions, one at a time, to determine how well they are living up to these principles."

The following questions were taken from the core of what is said in the Big Book page 564 568 and the Twelve and Twelve. I will read the corresponding Tradition out of the Big Book then the consideration. If you can answer yes to any of these it is against the Twelve Traditions

One: Does our group put the interests of any individual above the welfare of the group or of AA as a whole?

Two: Does our group do anything that misrepresents the conscience of the majority of the group?

Three: Does our group exclude anyone with a drinking problem from attending the group?

Four: Does our group do anything that does not conform to AA principles and affect other groups or AA as a whole?

Five: Does our group do anything that conflicts with our carrying the AA message to alcoholics who want a way out from their drinking problem?

Six: Does anything we do affiliate, endorse or bind the group, actual or implied, to any related facility or outside enterprise?

Seven: Are donations received from anyone other than an AA member?

Eight: Are there any fees besides meeting expenses being charged for Twelve Step work,
ie: fellowship, sponsoring, step work, counseling?

Nine: Is there a governing individual or exclusive group authority that dictates organization?

Ten: Does our group do anything that publicly states an opinion or takes sides on any issues or controversy outside of AA?

Eleven: At the general public level of press, radio, film, and television, does the group publicize any individual AA member's name or picture as a self-appointed representative of AA?

Twelve: Does our group give personal distinction to any AA member either among fellow alcoholics or the general public that puts their opinions above the conscience of the group or AA?

In closing the inventory:
Is there any Secretaries announcements?...
Thank you all for your participating in the group inventory.
Let's close with the Seventh Step Prayer..."My Creator, I am now willing ..."