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I AM...
I am a good person. 
Today I will rejoice in my abilities. 
I have many talents. 
God loves me. 
Today I have confidence. 
I am made in God's image. 
I am intelligent. 
Today I will put all negativity behind me. 
I am loved. 
I am not a victim. 
I look forward to each new day. 
I no longer feel the need to control others. 
I will be who I am. 
I affirm my worth and goodness. 
I am a loving person. 
I am a strong person. 
I am a friendly person. 
I am a capable person. 
I am not alone. 
I am emotionally calm. 
I respect myself. 
I feel happy. 
I am at peace with myself. 
I am a responsible person. 
I can be playful. 
I can trust all of my thoughts and emotions. 
I trust people. 
I make decisions confidently. 
Today I am a new person. 
I touch those near me with love and gentleness. 
I have a new awareness in my life. 
I acknowledge my needs. 
I allow God to enter my life today. 
I trust in the serenity my God provides. 
I am calm and tranquil. 
I can face my fears and work to overcome them. 
I take full charge of my life today. 
I let serenity flow into my life. 
I feel appreciated today. 
I can give to others with no strings attached. 
I accept my parents and affirm my independence from them. 
I am independent. 
I can meet new opportunities without fear. 
I am alert. 
I will not be intimidated. 
I am joyful. 
I will seek out friends today. 
I am a friendly person. 
I am a good listener. 
I do not dwell on the past. 
I look for new challenges. 
I feel complete today. 
I feel great hope. 
I feel great potential for myself. 
I feel surrounded by love. 
I can make things happen. 
I feel relaxed. 
I am a resourceful person. 
I am non-judgemental. 
I am tactful in my dealings with others. 
I am learning to express my love. 
I feel good about myself. 
I express my feelings. 
I make wise choices. 
I treat myself with kindness and patience. 
I am an important person. 
I am beginning to establish my limits. 
I am in charge of my life. 
I forgive myself and others who have hurt me. 
I am a friend to myself. 
I can enjoy leisure without guilt and anxiety. 
I can express my anger openly, honestly and appropriately. 
Today I view my childhood without shame. 
I open my heart to my inner child. 
I can handle criticism with ease. 
I am a child of God.
Author Unknown