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A person's integrity is his or her own truth. To live honorably is to
abide with the truth we claim as our own. Self-esteem is the sister of
integrity; it's the natural result, the by-product, of honorable living.
That's why both integrity and self-esteem are affected when we wander
from the honorable path.

When we have affairs, go back on our word, tell half-truths, exaggerate
to get approval, we chip away at our integrity. And any chipping away
at our integrity undermines our self-esteem. This is the reason that even
the smallest dishonorable behaviors are so destructive-no matter how
we justify them.

If we're involved in any activity that violates our moral code, that runs
contrary to our own value system, then we're in self-esteem trouble. All
the psychological maneuvering in the world cannot and will not restore
serenity to the soul if this involvement continues.

Is there a basic decision, a letting go, that must take place? Although it
may take heroic effort, that turn-around decision will give wings to our

Peace with self is a treasure beyond measure.